• Non-marching band friend: Do you have any other interests?
  • Me: What do you mean?
  • Non-marching band friend: Like besides marching band.
  • Me: I'm not quite sure what you're asking.


simple solutions motherfuckers


the closest i’ve been to being in a mosh pit is the school hallway

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i’m going to name my daughter casserole so then she’ll get the nickname cass and people will be like “oh, cass is short for cassandra, right?” and she will have to explain to them her name is casserole


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i hope everyone is ready for some FOOBAW

(Your relationship is what you make of it.)
What does this mean? It means being responsible for the things that go on in your relationship, if something goes wrong. Find ways to fix it, work together rather then blame each other. Find the root of the problem, if you lack communication then fix it, if you lack effort then put more of it in to your relationship. Don’t just blow of your problems like they’re nothing. If your significant other is feeling sad, find out why and help then through their situation, be there for them because it shows them that you care, it tells them that they are important to you. Most of all don’t be so quick to give up on one another, be the support that the other needs to stand. I promise you if you give up, you’re going to regret it because so many couples out there did when they knew in their hearts they still loved them.

Single right now, but so true. 


…”The one with the prettiest of views. It’s got mountains, it’s got rivers, it’s got sights to give you shivers, but it sure would be prettier with you.”


Hey ladels and gentlespoons! You should tune into the Orange Bowl tonight so you can see my band perform halftime with country artist Jake Owen! We will also be pulling out the flag for the National Anthem. You will not want to miss this! :)